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Remote Learning During Lockdown

During Lockdown school remains open for children whose parents are Critical Workers (who cannot work from home) and children who are classed as Vulnerable. All other children will be taught remotely (at home) and the following page provides all the information you need.

Please be aware that daily attendance is still important for children learning from home and if a teacher has not heard from the child for two days or more phone calls will be made home to ensure you are well and safe. If we can't get a response from a phone call, we will make a visit to the home. 

Children Attending School

Critical Worker & Vulnerable Categories

Please follow this link to find out if you are a critical worker. The document also identifies the categories for 'Vulnerable'

Critical Worker List 

If you are on this list and have no way of keeping your child safe at home due to work commitments, please complete the following form and return it to the main office.

Place in School Form

Children coming into school must wear school uniform. School meals are available, Please let the admin team know if your child would like one on the days they are in. 

They will be accessing the same learning set by the teachers for children at home but supported in school by Teaching Assistants. They will be able to access any live lessons through devices in school. 

For the days your child is not in school they will follow the Children Learning Remotely guidance. 

Vulnerable Families

We will contact the families who we feel are classed as vulnerable to encourage them to send their child/children into school. If during this time of lockdown, your circumstances change, you are struggling for mental health reasons or an incident has happened in the family where you need support, please contact us straight away and we can discuss how we can support you and your child's learning better. 


Children Learning Remotely 

All work and communication will be through your child's school email address. We have safety systems on our school emails which protect your child when working from home. Please can you communicate with class teachers through this email address also.

If you need IT equipment to support you at home please email 

Mrs Bell- or Ms Saunders- 

Daily Routine

All work for the day will arrive by email at 9.00am each morning. There will be a mixture of live learning and tasks set to complete independently. 

Teachers are available through the day for support and advice and they may use TEAMs to provide 1-1 and small group support if children are struggling with a given task. 

If a teacher has planned a live lesson they will not be available for 1-1 and small group support but may plan that in for later in the day or later in the week. 

The children are asked to submit something to the teacher by 4,00pm each day. This could be a photograph of completed work or an email explaining how you have got on today. Our younger children will need support with this but please keep using your child's school email address.  

Children's email addresses:

They all start with the child's surname and first initial followed by

e.g. a child called Jamie Lofthouse would be 

Followed by their Password.

The children have all been given a password but if they can't remember it please contact the class teacher.

Here are the teacher emails for you:

Year 6

Mrs Daley- 

Mrs Roberts- 

Year 5

Mr Dale-

Mrs Elvis-

Mrs Pratt- 

Year 4

Miss Limbert-

Mrs Pugh-

Year 3

Ms Mosley-

Year 2

Miss Atkinson-

Year 1

Mrs Burley-


Mrs Mullier-


Miss Burrows-

Paper Copies & Text Books

If this way of working is creating too much stress for you and your child at home, please let your child's class teacher know you would prefer paper copies to complete at home.