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Pupil Voice

Our children are the most important people in the school and therefore Pupil Voice is an essential aspect of school life. We want our children to know that we value their opinions and hope that they feel heard and understood. Here are the wide range of ways that children at Chaloner can get involved in school leadership:

Class Ambassadors

 Our School Council raises awareness of the democratic society that we live in and the British Values that we promote. Two children from each class are elected to be Ambassadors who represent the views of their peers at meetings and feed back any relevant information to the rest of the class.  Meetings take place on a regular basis and are guided by Mrs Parker. The aims are to involve the children in driving school improvement and provide a forum for them to discuss their ideas related to any aspect of school life. 

The Class Ambassadors also represent the school at our regional School Council Meetings 

House Captains

At the start of every academic year, children in Year 6 are given the opportunity to become a House Captain or Vice Captain for their house. They prepare a short presentation outlining their skills, qualities and intentions for the rest of their house, who then take part in a secret vote. 

House Captains and Vice Captains are expected to be positive role models to younger children, to embody the values and ethos of the school and to contribute to the wider community. They play a pivotal role in special events such as Sports Day and other inter-house competitions and offer congratulations to fellow House members as they receive ‘star tokens’ during our weekly celebration assembly. One of their most important jobs is helping the rest of their House decide what to do for their reward if they are fortunate enough to win the half-termly House token competition!


Each half-term, eight children from Year 5 and 6 volunteer to become Chaloner Prefects. They are presented with a blue school jumper in our Celebration Assembly, which they wear with pride during their time as a prefect. The colour of their jumper helps them to be spotted immediately by their peers, teachers and visitors to school.

Being a prefect is a fantastic opportunity for the pupils to demonstrate their leadership skills and for them to become role models for younger children. Prefects are dedicated to making our school an even better place to be, and give up some of their own playtimes to monitor and support positive behaviour.

Play Leaders

Our Play Leaders are responsible for the games played outside in school. They wear high viz jackets at playtimes and make sure children are safe in and active in their play. They meet regularly with Ms Struwig to celebrate safe play and share any changes they may need to make. 

The Play Leaders are responsible for:

  • Planning and leading games and activities outside.
  • Checking that play equipment is being used safely.
  • Letting an adult know about broken play equipment,
  • Checking children are having fun and being active.
  • setting up and tidying away all play equipment.