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School Dinners

Who Provides our Food?

Creative Management are an external provider we use for our school meals.

All meals are freshly prepared daily and cooked onsite in our school kitchen. 

There is a lovely selection of food available and the kitchen staff soon get to know what the children like and always strive to provide it. The menu changes every two weeks and details of the current menu is in the main office and please ask if you would like a copy. 

Packed Lunch

Children can opt to bring a packed lunch from home but we expect a healthy balance in what is provided. We will not allow sweets and chocolate and if we are concerned about the balance of food for individuals we will contact parents and carers. Please allow for two weeks notice before changing to a packed lunch as food is ordered in advance. 


To encourage children to drink water, we have provided every child with their own bottle to use in school. They are only allowed juice in a cup with their dinner. This is in line with British Dental Society guidelines as we have had a rise in children with fillings and early extractions due to bad teeth. We also ask parent/carers not to provide a drink with their packed lunch as we will provide one in a cup which is better for their teeth.