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Social Media

Did you know that a third of children Nationally who are in Reception (age 4 & 5) currently access Social Media? Social media is an increasingly common and integral part of people's lives, including those of children, despite a minimum access age of 13 for some platforms. The reach of social media is so great that we must be vigilant in keeping our children safe.  

Chaloner Top 3 Tips

  1. Talk to your child about what apps they are using online.
  2. Check their search history regularly.
  3. Make sure parental locks and monitoring systems are in place on all devices your child has access to. 

This page will provide some key points to be aware of and tips for how you can help your children at home be safe. It is a start and if the answer you are seeking isn't here please come and talk to us and we will help. Click on the question or statement below and it will link you to the information you need.