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Chaloner Primary School is committed to providing a safe, secure and happy environment in which children can flourish. Our Behaviour Policy was written with this in mind.

We are extremely proud of our record for behaviour:


“The school is a calm and ordered place in which children are courteous and settle quickly to work" parents- "They say bullying is rare, and any issues are resolved quickly by adults" 

Ofsted 2015

We believe that good behaviour is based on respect and we aim to treat everyone fairly. Our policy is based on positive rewards and praise, as we believe that pupils should be rewarded for hard work, academic achievement and good behaviour.

Good behaviour is everyone’s responsibility. Class teachers are encouraged to work with their classes to develop a class charter at the start of the year.  As part of this, our reward system provides recognition for good behaviour whilst sanctions are followed if rules are broken.

We take a swift and firm approach to bullying. Bullying is not tolerated in any form and we encourage everyone to support us in dealing with such issues.

Our behaviour policy ensures that the highest standards of behaviour and self discipline are encouraged at all times whether it is in the classroom, the playground, or on a school trip.  We ask parents to support us in dealing with any examples of negative behaviour in order to allow every child to gain the most from their school day.