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Chaloner Primary School is committed to providing a safe, secure and happy environment in which children can thrive. We believe that to achieve our high expectations in behaviour we must provide a learning environment where positive relationships can be formed,  with clear boundaries and expectations to follow and where children and families have a sense of belonging. Our behaviour policy and code is built on our school vision and underpinned by our six school values:

Chaloner Behaviour Code

  1. We show kindness in how we act and speak to others. (Is it true, is it necessary, is it kind)
  2. We aspire to be truthful and honest.
  3. We are respectful in how we speak and behave both inside and outside school.
  4. We respect ourselves, our school and the community.
  5. We are tolerant of differences and try to be friends with everyone.
  6. We strive for independence in our learning and our behaviour. What we do when no-one is watching matters to us.
  7. We believe we can be the very best version of ourselves.

Please click on this link to read our behaviour and relationships policy. 


    We are extremely proud of our children and their behaviour and this is often echoed by external visitors to the school and comments from the wider community when they are not in school.

     "Warm relationships are evident between staff, pupils and the wider community" "Pupils behave well. In all lesson visits, pupils were attentive and keen to do their best. Pupils said that there was no bullying in school. They did say that there was sometimes some name-calling, but that teachers sort it out straight away. Pupils told me about the different ways they help each other to be happy in school." Ofsted 2019

    "I was litter picking on King George playing field on Sunday afternoon when four of your Y5 students came across and politely asked if I would like help. They filled two more bin bags for me and together we cleaned the field, playground, skatepark and outside the car park. What an impressive community spirited bunch they were. They are a credit to their parents, school and our town." Jemma Joy- Councilor for Hutton Ward

    "It is a pleasure to see your lovely children in church! They are a great credit to all your hard work- well done" Rev. Alison (St Nicholas Church)