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Keeping your Children Safe at Home

Keeping our children safe in the ever advancing technical age is becoming more difficult for parents everywhere. On this page we have provided the most up to date information out there to help you at home. We also send you regular emails with any new and relevant information that comes to our attention. Always come and talk to us if you need any advice and support at home.

Parent Control Tool - Qustodio

 Click on the word Qustodio above to take you directly to the website. 

Over 6 million parents trust Qustodio's parent control tools to keep their children's screen time safe and balanced on every device. It is free and a really good tool to use. 

Keeping children sate online- NSPCC

Click on NSPCC above to take you directly to the website

The NSPCC website has so much current information and help for parents, it is a really good place to start at home. 

What are your children watching?  Netflix        You Tube  

Netflix and You Tube have become a part of our children's everyday watching. Click on the word Netflix or You Tube to down load an advice poster for parents. Watching age inappropriate material can really affect children's mental health and emotional wellbeing.