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Home Learning


Homework is an important extension of classroom learning. It helps to cement the ideas that children learn at school, helping things sink in further and expanding their knowledge. Homework can take various forms, some set by the teacher and other ongoing skills to keep practising like times tables and spellings. As parents, you can play a role by trying to encourage a healthy attitude to homework. Rather than focusing on the negatives (having to sit down and work when they want to go out and play) try and help children see that homework can be fun. 

When they’re young, homework won’t be long and arduous and there may be tasks set that you can all join in with and offer insight into. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you do their homework for them, but you can get actively involved in helping them find answers.

The complexity and amount of homework that needs to be carried out obviously increases as children progress through school. The amount of homework given to children varies, but they will get some on a regular basis. Getting used to doing homework from an early age will definitely be an advantage, as children are more likely to continue doing so as they progress through their school years.

At Chaloner, the homework set is an extension to learning and should be easily achieved by the child, If your child is really struggling with something at home don't make them complete it but come and talk to their class teacher about the difficulty they are having. 


Each class teacher will provide a detailed document of the homework requirements at the beginning of the new school year. Marvellous Me is used to provide regular updates about homework and deadlines. If you have any difficulties or questions about homework please speak to the class teacher or phone the main office.