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Please click on this link to read our attendance policy. 

In order for children to get the maximum benefit out of their time at school, they need to attend school regularly. Regular attendance means that children don’t miss important parts of the curriculum whilst also enhancing personal development. We are very proud of our record for attendance with the majority of children missing little or no time at all. 

Punctuality is also very important. Children who arrive late may find it awkward walking into class late and they may miss the beginning of a lesson which may hinder their understanding of the topic being taught. Children are expected to arrive between 5 and 10 minutes before the start of the school day so that they are ready to enter school on time.

If parents are running a little behind schedule the school office should be notified by 8.50am. Children arriving to school late are to be signed in by a parent at the school office, children who arrive by themselves will be signed in by the office and parents will be contacted.

Absence from School

If your child is unwell and is not going to attend school, it is essential that we know as soon as possible.  Either drop a note into school or contact the office by telephone or email as soon as possible but before 9:30am.  It is a legal requirement that you let us know that your child is going to be off, giving a reason for the absence and how long you expect them to be away from school.

If no contact is made with the school office before 9:30am, it is our policy to call you to establish why your child is absent. This is to ensure that your child is safe and not coming to any harm.

Medical/Dental Appointments

Wherever possible, please try to make appointments out of school hours or during holidays so not to disrupt learning. If this is not possible, please advise the school as soon as possible of the appointment. The school will ask for a copy of the appointment letter to copy and hold on file, or if you receive a text for an appointment please show a member of the office staff. Emergency appointments that are made on the same day will require parents to ask at the appointment for a signed slip to bring in to school.

Holiday Requests

In 2013 the law tightened so that Headteachers are now only meant to grant a term time leave of absence in ‘exceptional circumstances’. 

Our new approach is that all holiday requests in term time will not be authorised but will only be referred for a fine if the child has a poor attendance record or if it is the second holiday in the current academic year. 

Please click here to download “An Application for Term Time Only Absence” form.

Exceptional Circumstances

If you feel the leave of absence is an exceptional circumstance e.g. a funeral or family wedding, please make this clear on the form so we can authorise the absence.