Chaloner Primary School

  1. About Us

Chaloner Staff

Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher- Ms M Parker

Deputy Headteacher- Mrs L Daley

SENDCo & Mental Health Lead- Mr A Dale


Office Staff

SBMMs C Saunders

AdminMiss K King



Care Taker- Mr I Marsden

Cleaners- Miss L Wanless, Mrs M Waterson & Mrs S Pryde


Kitchen Staff- Miss L Honeyman (Cook)

Mrs E Rye,  Miss J Winter & Mrs E Lines


Teaching Staff


Teacher- Mrs D Mullier

Teaching Assistants- Mrs S Shears, Mrs N Charlton, Mrs L Siddaway, Mrs A Shaw

Early Learning Hub

Reception Teacher- Miss B Atkinson 

Year 1 Teacher- Miss L Burrows

Teaching Assistants: Miss L Abbey, Mr D Barber, Mrs S Pinnegar

 Middle Learning Hub

Year 2 Teacher-Mrs C Garwood

Year 3 Teacher- Ms Mosley

Teaching Assistants- Mrs A Bailey,  Mrs C O'Toole

 Higher Learning Hub

Year 4 Teachers- Mrs W Pugh  

Year 5 Teachers- Miss K Limbert & Mr A Dale

Year 6 Teachers- Mrs L Daley, Mrs L Roberts & Mrs J Struwig

Teaching Assistants- Mrs K King & Mr M Bailey,  Mrs J King,

Staff Curriculum Leads

SEND- Mr A Dale

English- Mrs L Roberts 

Maths- Mrs L Daley 

Computing- Miss K Limbert (Mrs C Garwood)

PE- Miss L Burrows & Mrs J Struwig

PSHE and SRE- Mrs L Daley & Mrs M Parker

Science- Miss B Atkinson

Geography & History- Mrs L Daley & Mrs M Parker

Music- Mrs K Pratt

Art and Design & Design Technology - Ms L Mosley

RE- Mrs W Pugh

 MFL- Mrs C Garwood



Other Leads

Attendance and Welfare

Our EWO (Education Welfare Officer) is Lisa Davies, Mental Health Lead is Mr A Dale

Medical Needs

Mrs A Bailey & Ms C Saunders

Family Support/ Counselling:

Mrs A Bailey & Time4you counselling service