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Remote Learning

When a bubble closes or individual children have to self-isolate the school will provide remote learning for your child. The first thing you must do is read our Remote Learning Policy which can be found by clicking here. Remember you are in isolation but we are still here to support you in any way we can. Please keep in touch. 

Bubble Isolating

If we have to close a whole bubble the class teacher from this bubble will contact children daily with the learning they must complete at home. If the class teacher becomes unwell, a teacher in school will take over the daily contact for our children. Teachers will be available remotely for support in learning between the hours of 9.00am-3.30pm.

For this work all children have their own school email address. They will get daily emails and use this email address to contact the teachers. It is really important that families only use this email address because it is monitored carefully and is safe. Please don't use private/personal email address during remote learning periods. 

Teachers will use Microsoft Teams to communicate with children in small groups or 1-1 when necessary so you will need a device that can upload this.

If you do not have a device to access emails, download work and install Microsoft Teams, please contact the school right at the beginning of your isolation and we will lend you a device from school. 

Individual Child Isolating

The class teacher will provide work for your child to complete at home but will not be available during the school day as they have a teaching commitment in school. Please do keep emailing for support but the response may come the next day. The teacher will provide a few days work or even the full weeks for your child to complete in one email.