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At Chaloner Primary School we have a team of dedicated school governors who work to plan the strategic direction of the school, oversee budgets, and support and challenge the headteacher.

Our governors play a vital role in helping schools run efficiently and effectively to give children the best education possible. 

Schools with a strong governing body are better equipped to make important decisions that affect the education they provide for their pupils.

Details of our governing body can be found here:    Chaloner Primary School Governors

What do school governors do?

School governors have three core functions:

  • Planning the strategic direction of Chaloner Primary School.
  • Overseeing financial performance of the school and ensuring money is well spent
  • Holding the headteacher to account. 

School Governors meet three times a year for full governor meetings and all meetings are after 5pm. Some of our governors are also part of either the finance committee or the curriculum and progress committee and are required to attend extra meetings through the year linked to this role. 

Would you be interested in being a governor at Chaloner Primary School?

We are always looking for potential new governors and you don't have to be a parent or teacher to apply. If you have any educational, business or management experience to bring professional challenge to our governing body meetings, you would be very welcome. 

Please email Mary Parker (Headteacher) or Mike Bloomfield (Chair of Governors) to express your interest in becoming a governor of our school.