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Chaloner Primary School Vision

Vision Statement

At Chaloner we aim to instil the very highest expectations. We continually reflect and develop our commitment to our children and the community we serve. Our Chaloner Curriculum provides our children with the skills for life and learning so they become strong, confident and independent learners who mature into global citizens, fulfilling their dreams. Our aim is for every child to be proud of their achievements and develop the confidence and ambition that they can achieve more. To be happy and heard, know their full potential and strive to be the very best version of themselves.

One of the greatest freedoms is how we react to things and at Chaloner, we listen more to our dreams more than our fears. Often a mistake is seen as a failure. At Chaloner we believe mistakes are an opportunity to learn something new, change the way you think about something, challenge your understanding. The language of wrong/not correct is changed to rethink this, approach it in a different way, try to solve this problem, you’re not quite there yet. If you learn from it, then it wasn't a mistake. It was a lesson. 

We strive for children to be:










“Isn’t it odd we can only see our outsides, but nearly everything happens on the inside.” Charlie Mackesy.