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Reading and Phonics



We have a clear, systematic approach to the teaching of phonics. It is taught every day in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 & these phonic lessons last 20-30 minutes.

The program of study for phonics is sequenced and progressive, starting with hearing sounds in words to eventually reading and writing complex spelling patterns and rules. We adopt a teaching sequence of: Review, teach, practice, apply and assess and use Letters and Sounds, reading scheme materials and online games to provide a multi-sensory approach to all teaching and learning. We use the Pearsons reading scheme for children to apply phonics to their reading and books are sent home regularly. 

Children’s ability in phonics is regularly assessed during phonics lessons and application in reading and writing and from this future learning needs are identified. Children in KS2, who still have gaps in their phonics knowledge, are provided with support and intervention to enable progress.

To find out more about how you can help with phonics at home please read the parents pamphlet.


Our aim is to develop a love of reading in all our children and we encourage reading to be an integral element of our whole curriculum and learning environment. Children are given the opportunity to read on a daily basis, sometimes with an adult and other times on their own.

Important skills are taught through shared, guided and independent reading. The focus of Reading is not only the ability to decode text, but also to show a clear understanding of what is happening in the book, through deep questioning and thoughtful prompting. This is in order to support children in developing their comprehension, analysis and prediction skills.

  • Guided reading takes place in small groups, reading the same text supported by the teacher.
  • Independent reading is one-one with adult/ teacher support.
  • Shared reading is whole class or larger groups sharing the same text either through listening to it being read or reading the text together.

Reading Schemes used:

We have a rich variety of text from many different authors for free choice reading. Our scheme books are provided through Pearsons, Oxford Press and Wellington Square. We also have a number of sets from other providers to supplement the scheme. 

Project X Intervention Code is used for children reading below an age appropriate level at KS2.